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We use nothing but the latest, state-of-the-art products and equipment to bring your business up to speed or to help it maintain it's cutting edge status in this highly competitive ever changing industry. We work exclusively with professional skin care lines that are geared toward customers who are seeking, either, relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as those who is interested in a more clinical, medi-spa type treatment.


BEAUTY GLOBES are the ultimate tools for esthetic field. They can be use for all beauty and health purpose. Eliminate redness and calm after waxing. Extraction and electrolysis. Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates skin . Excellent after various peel. Help setting make-up. Excellent treatment for sinus, puffy eyes, headache, migraine. Stimulate the nerves and exercises facial muscles. Help to reduce large pores. Tightens skin and eliminates fine lines. Soothes skin softer acne treatment. Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial

DIRECTIONS: Store the Magic Globes in the freezer, they are made from Pyrex glass and contain an antifreeze solution. Clean the Magic Globes and dry them before you use them in the face, neck, back, hand, foot, etc...Use the Magic Globes by applying a rolling motion over forehead, cheeks, and neck as shown for 2 to 6 minutes for each treatment. Clean your Magic globes with alcohol and store them in the freezer, ice box, ice bowl or cool water.

Beauty Globes (Two in a set)

Retail: $60.00 Your Cost: $55.00

Buy 2 sets of Beauty Globes and SAVE!!! Your Cost: $90.00



Woods Lamp

Retail $290. Your Cost $175.

This image can be produced with a Skin Scanner or a Woods Lamp, however only the Skin Scanner reveals the results to the client. Both can be used with digital photography to help capture the image.

Comes with my own personal notes on how to use this piece of equipment to properly diagnose various skin conditions.

Skin Scanner

Retail $1100. Your Cost $499.99.

Buy 2 for $900.00


This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment because it shows the actually sun damage that is normally invisible to the naked eye. This way it enables you to treat the affected areas with the proper product or service and show them the results of their treatments the next time the come in.



Portable Steamer

Retail $128.Your Cost $75.

A great piece of equipment to use if you work out of your house or visit clients at their homes. Or simply want to pamper yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Portable Ultrasound

Retail: $125. Your Cost: $85.

Use to increase blood circulation and skin metabolism. Reducing acne, wrinkles, blackheads and abnormal well as, cellulite.

All in one simple painless treatment!

Optivisor and Light Kits

Retail: $125. Your Cost: $95

sold out

These must-haves items are perfect for estheticians, because it enables them to work on areas at close range while keeping their hands free and their eyes protected at the same time.

Professional Facial Steamer

Retail $424. Your Cost $300.


Voltage:100V 110V 220V 240V
Power consumption:670W

Multi-Eight Function Machine

Retail $2800. Your Cost $1800.


1. Steamer
2. Brush
3. Vacuum
4. Spray
5. High Frequency
6. Galvanic
7. Wood Lamp
8. Magnifying Lamp


Portable High Frequency

Retail $350. Your Cost $199.99


It has a germicidal effect and it can produce ozone which helps to cure wound easily without leaving any pitted scar.

Sterilizer and Hot Towel Cabinet

Retail $400. Your Cost $315.



Holds up to a dozen small towels

Voltage:100V 110V 220V 240V
Power consumption:172w


PH insta check strips

Retail $24.95. Your Cost $19.95.

Used to analyze the acidity/alkaline of your skin and skin care product's PH balance. An effective tool for consultation.

A must have!

Bio-Photo Light wave Beautifier (Portable IPL machine)

Retails for $250. Your Cost: $199.99.

Genuine Spectrum Technology Rejuvenate the skin. Use on the body & face.

  • Micro-processor facilitated. Easy to use.
  • LCD with Chinese display; easy to operate
  • Auto-skin sensor facilitated; safer treatment
  • Natural BHID illumination to smooth skin
  • Filter lens with high accuracy facilitated; only apply with illumination diminishing melanin.

Pro Perfect Electrical Hand Mittens

Retails for $60.Your Cost: $30.


Keep warmth for the limbs

Promote the penetrations of creams or medicinal lotions for beauty care hand treatments

Great for paraffin treatents!


Ozone Cleansing & Beauty Kit

Retails for $200. Your Cost $99.

Th O3 deeply cleanses, sterilizes and blances the pH, which will help resolve acne and belmish problems. It alo helps to reduce inflammation o the skin.

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