Relaxation Spa Music -- To be played during massage or facial treatments, meditation or just to relax.

Ancient Treasures $15.00


Bliss $15.00

Celestial Winds I $15.00

Creation $15.00

Deep Spirit $15.00

Oceans of Love $15.00

Sacred Love Songs $15.00 (My personal favorite;)



"David Young's unique approach of creating music by playing two recorders in harmony, offers you and your clients an invitation to take a journey to the deepest, most precious place inside yourself. These melodies fill you with gentle peace and healing energy while drawing you inward and upward, like a soft heavenly breeze."

Restore traquility to your hectic life with the relaxing sounds of one of these amazing CDs. Listen to the clips below to find out which ones strucks the chords to your heart chakra. Makes a great gift to a friend or loved one. Can be used while driving to make the commute more pleasureable and less stressful, or at home, office, or in a spa or salon environment.


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